Get involved in Fibro Bloggers Directory

How to be involved?
Short answer: Paste your URL and blog name in the latest blog comments.

More detailed answer:

There is No registration, there are No charges.

Simply post your url and blog name on the latest post in comments on the Home page.

We will have a look at your blog and put it in the Fibro Bloggers Directory.

We have a set of guidelines to review before your blog is placed into the Directory.

Blogs we would be proud to include in the Fibro Blogger Directory:

Have an active status i.e. they blog usually once a month or more

Have original content i.e. they share your unique perspective

Are obviously about Fibro e.g. have a tag list with the word fibro in it; have fibro in their title or 'About me'

Your blog may not be chosen if there is:

Inappropriate or offensive material (at administrators discretion)

Auto-blogging (linking only to other sites)

High number of advertisements, pop-ups or spam without quality posts

HOW TO GET ON 'Fibro Blogs of note'
Very easy - put a badge from Fibro Bloggers Directory on your fibro blog.
Choose any badge you like.
Besides getting you extra promotion on the home page of the Directory you will help get the word out about Fibromyalgia and also this Directory. Thanks and in the long run it will benefit YOU as:
- the more of us there are the more power we have to do some good.
- you will get more visitors to your blog.


  1. Please check out Counting My Spoons @ http://fibrokitty.blogspot.com

  2. Done and welcome Julie

  3. I love Counting My Spoons!! So many great Bloggers here!
    Please check out my Blog: https://fightingwithfibro.com

    1. Hi Stacey, Welcome to Fibro Blogger Directory.


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