Meet our newest bloggers

Sorry to number you all, but that's how we identify you here at Fibro Blogger's Directory. We know you are so much more than a number and so much more than your Fibro and other ailments.

So please welcome our newest bloggers at the Directory by visiting and leaving comments and likes and whatever else you can do to make them feel welcome.
78. Heather at Cheeky Little Moo in the United Kingdom. The ups and downs of a single parent with the disability Fibromyalgia. heather has two lovely, happy, photogenic daughters and some really great perspectives on her blog.  

79. Fibromyalgia Athlete running, biking, swimming, and gyming through the pain. I’m a multi-sport athlete who loves almost anything that makes my body move. I believe humans are meant to be in constant motion when awake. I’m that annoying person who bounces her leg under the table at dinner.
I’ve been in pain for years. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia in May 2013, and while the diagnosis provided answers, there are no perfect solutions to the pain. Severe muscle spasms are my worst enemy.

80. Kelli Coleman Glover at Hitting The Wall - My Life With Fibromyalgia & Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Kelli likes writing poetry and has an active facebook page.

81. Terri at Seeking the Gifts of Fibromyalgia - I'm a strong and couragous woman who has seen her share of life's challenges.  I have three great children and a wonderful husband.  I'm a minimalist, my husband is not and we do well compromising :)  I am very intuitive and spiritual and have done a fair share of successful  psychic readings.  I manage a daily Chronic Illness, Fibromyalgia and a list of other illnesses.  My Faith, family and inner guidance carry me through.

82. CI or Chronic Invisibility  - a 38 year old African American Lesbian writer with PTSD and Fibromyalgia blogging since May 2012 about everything from allergies to yard work.

83. Michelle Smith at  Fibro… Dealing and coping through laughter and tears - trying to be a pain free momma.
Hi! I am a 43 year old mom of 3 great kids. I have officially been diagnosed with the dreaded f- word {Fibromyalgia} for 3 years. Which greatly affects other f- words in my life like; freedom, fun, face time, fashion, feasibility, feelings, fatigue, frustration... and dare I say it... sometimes I am foggier than the San Francisco Bay.


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