Our newest fibro blogging member is...

We have many new members here. As a matter of fact I have been inundated with people wishing to be part of Fibro Blogger Directory, people wanting to tell and share their personal story on fibromyalgia, people wanting to share good and useful information about fibro.

Fibro blogs

Our newest member is Alicein Wonderland at Community Soul.
Alice writes the series 'Down the Rabbit Hole - A Journey With Fibromyalgia.'
She is in love with books, a warm cup of tea (preferably with a nice book), cold nights spent by a fire in the fireplace, clocks and pocket watches, a good game of cards, tales of faraway places, cupcakes, all things furry and cute, and old mirrors.
"I’m always willing to write about my personal experience. It’s a daily tug-of-war for me, as I’m sure it is for most fibro sufferers. I don’t censor myself. If I can help people by talking about my ups and downs, then that’s what I’m here for." By Alicein who has had fibromyalgia since 2009 and has been blogging about it since February 2015.
Welcome our newest member to Fibro Blogger Directory.

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