Google + Fibro Directory

Here is a Directory of people with Fibromyalgia who have a Google + profile. This is a great resource for connecting with and supporting others with Fibro and we hope you can join in.


  1. im trying to join but every time i tryed I failed could you please help. my name deborah hoffman on twitter and face book Ive got three blogs goingon fb 1* silent killer 2-unoffical fibro groupImade and 3* silent killer bipolar. please look me up

  2. Happy Easter everyone hope all is well and less pain today to enjoy family and friends. I know Im gonna try for it not to get it in my way love to all..God Bless #fighting Fibro #silent killer- Bipolar and # silent Killer-'Re think mental Illness

  3. I'm so sick of feeling sick! And the worst is when people don't really think you feel that bad!


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