Relax and enjoy Fibro Friday - week 209

We really hope you have time to relax with a favourite drink and read some of the helpful articles from people, just like you, who have Fibromyalgia. Many of the people have been living with this chronic pain condition for over 20 years, and some have only recently been diagnosed. Some are men and most are women. Some are in their 20's are some are a lot older.
If you have time you can also have a look at last week's Fibro Friday where we had 18 interesting articles including making resolutions, keeping warm, learning to thrive, treating constipation, pacing, depression, mindfulness is not a magic bullet, and what is a fibro flare?

Relax and enjoy Fibro Friday - week 209


  1. DOn't know why I never thought about pinning these in my pinterest. gonna do that today. And thanks for sharing my posts. I'll be reading these tonight and sharing some on my FB page

    1. Great to hear from you Amanda and thanks so much for sharing to your social media. This will be appreciated by all.


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