Pinterest Tips and Tricks: Pinning More Often

If you are a blogger, trying to get more readers to your blog, then join in here each week to get some ideas and find out what I am experimenting with. This week I am investigating simple to apply pinterest ideas to increase traffic.

Tips for pinterest


I read the following on buffer and I'm going to give it a try ie PIN MORE OFTEN.
Pin more often, and space out your pins
Perhaps the best change we’ve made to our Pinterest engagement of late is to pin more often.
We’ve gone from pinning once or twice a day to pinning 10 times per day.
As a result, we’ve seen 150 percent more engagement on Pinterest.
So I am currently buffering 5 pins a day and usually 1 of them is a brand new fresh pin. I also reshare pins of other fibro bloggers... about 3 to 5 a day. Now, trying this new strategy I will be pinning 10 pins a day. As I write this I wonder how long I will be able to maintain this. Of course scheduling with buffer is what allows me to do this and I love it and honestly find it quite addictive. It speaks to that part of me that likes to feel organised and feel like I'm achieving something. But what I am thinking is that initially I will increase my pins to 7 a day which may be a bit more manageable for me. Then if I am coping I will increase to 10 per day.

Space these pins out across the day, and make sure you pin in the afternoon and evening, as those are the best times for pin engagement. ~ Social Media Examiner

I will also be taking on board the above advice about when to pin and checking out the times for the part of the world where my main audience is coming from.

I also use Canva for creating images which is what will enable me to create more fresh pins easily. I love doing this and find it quite relaxing.

I will be checking my stats and letting you know how I go with getting more traffic. After all that is the whole point of the exercise - to get more traffic back to this site and to see if increasing pins allows me to get more traffic through Pinterest.


I would love to know how often you currently pin on pinterest? Do you pin regularly?


Also if this experiment is something you might give a try please let me know. Maybe you might decide to pin on a more regular basis or increase the number of pins you currently share. Let me know in the comments so we can check back in with our results.

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