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These ten fibromyalgia articles are from people who live with fibromyalgia. We hope you enjoy learning what others with this chronic pain condition have to say.

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End of year health update & 2024 goals 

This is an update of Melissa's big year with major surgery, more diagnoses, treatment and looking forward to the new year. Read it at Melissa vs Fibromyalgia.

Can You Truly Heal from Fibromyalgia? 

Thom's uplifting and optomistic take on the topic of healing from Fibro. Read it at Thom Byxbe's Research Desk.

Fibromyalgia and the Current State of Research 

Here is a snapshot of the current state of research into Fibro. Read it.

It's All Going On Beneath The Surface

Metaphors for life with fibromyalgia from Dale Rockell. Read it at Fibro & Photos.

Can Acupuncture Help With Back Pain and Fibromyalgia?

This is Barbara's roundup of articles, research and her personal experience on the use of acupuncture in pain relief. Read it at Back Pain Blog UK.

Fibro Flare and Me

As the title says this post is all about a Fibro Flare experienced by Johanna including the why, when and what she did about it. Read it at Adventures of Motherhood.

Ya gotta laugh

An update from Glenys about her Fibromyalgia flare and how she is going with her household duties. Read it at Australian Sacrificial Home Keeper.

What are Glutens & How to start a Gluten Free Lifestyle

Many people living with fibromylgia find that going gluten free helps to reduce some of their joint pain and other symptoms. Here Melinda provides some basic information about the gluten free safe foods. Read it at Looking For The Light.

Living with the Limitations of Fibromyalgia

"This article explains post-exertional malaise and how flares crop up with too much activity. It also outlines my hard lines and boundaries in order to live successfully with fibromyalgia." From Carrie at My Several Worlds. Read the full article there. 

Interesting health articles I am reading this week

5 health related articles relating to fibromyalgia. Read it at Fibro Files.

Articles from week 486 of Fibro Friday

1. End of year health update &2024 goals  
2. Can You Truly Heal from Fibromyalgia?  
3. Fibromyalgia and the Current State of Research  
4. It's All Going On Beneath The Surface  
6. Fibro Flare and Me  
7. Ya gotta laugh  
8. What are Glutens & How to start a Gluten Free Lifestyle  
9. Living with the Limitations of Fibromyalgia  
10. Interesting health articles I am reading this week  
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