What's happening at Fibro Blogger Directory this week...

Hi everyone, there is a lot happening here at Fibro Blogger Directory and I just wanted to let you all know.

Have you seen the NEWEST MEMBERS section in the top right sidebar? These are the newest bloggers who have joined the Directory and this is a great place where you can easily see who they are and visit them and say Hi on their blogs. Everyone loves getting comments... right?

Why not visit another blogger today and leave a quick comment? You could start at the latest Fibro Friday post and see the interesting new bloggers who are joining in - 3 new people this week. While you are there please leave one of your posts about fibromyalgia for us to check out. It does not need to be a new one, it can be a blast from the past.

Currently I have closed the SUBMIT your BLOG section of the site so I can catch up on all the new requests. I do not accept every blogger who submits their site as there is a set of criteria that has to be met. This means viewing every blog and deciding if they meet that criteria. I am very pleased to receive so many applications but it all takes time so I appreciate your patience if you have applied to be in the Fibro Blogger Directory. I am working my way to you as you read this.

Have you seen our Social Media Party for this month? It is for fibro people who are on Pinterest. Please follow my Pinterest account and then add yours so we can all follow you.

Please remember that one requirement of being part of this FREE Directory is that you have one of the badges on your site. If your badge has "disappeared" you can get one here. There are a growing variety to choose from. Very soon I will be removing members whose badges have vanished!!

Hope you are having a GOOD week (it's all relative!) 
Stay Strong and Keep Blogging,
Love from Lee Good.


  1. Hello Lee,
    Thanks for the update. Love the newest members links in the top right of your page, but could you amend my link to take visitors to and change the name to FibroMen instead of FibroGuys.
    Sorry to add to your workload but we're moving away from FibroGuys soon.
    Many thanks

    1. Thanks for letting me know Gary - it has been changed

  2. Lee I can't get my badge on can you help me?

  3. Think I may have sorted it now. It wasn't showing up on the template I chose so I have to use another one :0) x

    1. Sorry I didn't get there in time to help but glad you got it sorted. Keep on doing your great video updates


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