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Twitter Tips learnt from 8 years on twitter

It is #MyTwitterAnniversary

I have been on twitter for 8 years!

I hope you follow @fibrobloggers there. 
I have 13.8K Followers
and it has taken constant daily tweets to get these followers. 
BUT what I have learnt is it is not the amount of followers but the connections 
that I have made that are important to me.

Why Do I Care about Twitter?
People come to Twitter to share what is happening with them and
to find out what is happening to others and connect with them.

"Brand involvement in culture is especially important among consumer between the ages of 18 and 35, and those on Twitter vs the general population are more passionate, informed,& feel more strongly about brands aligning with culture." TWITTER

Your readers are already on twitter, and according to twitter they are ready to connect. 
So how can you reach them, make an impact, and get more readers?

Twitter Tips

My Tips learnt over 8 years on Twitter

Just like twitter I will keep it short. Maybe that is why I like twitter it keeps things short and to the point and that's my style. Let's get started...

  • Use hashtags, but not too many, because it looks spammy.

  • Link into other people's relevant hashtags to expand your reach. When I started out I linked in to #WednesdayWisdom #ThrowbackThursday etc. I still love #FollowFriday so I can showcase other bloggers.

  • Be conversational. Start a conversation, join in one or keep one going. Thank people and ask questions. Visit your twitter stream at least once a day to join in, especially when starting out.

  • Check out your notifications and interact with those people. They are liking, following and retweeting you and need some connection. 

  • Use images. I use them more than 80% of the time because most people are visual. Create visual images that are the correct size for twitter 1600 x 900 px. Brand your images with your name or your blog's name so that share's are working for you.

  • One simple idea per tweet works best.

  • Retweet relevant content i.e. relevant to your brand.

  • Share other people's content as well as your own.

  • Work out what your followers like and do more of that.

  • Don't just try and get click-throughs to your blog, think about creating your "brand". Who are you and what do you stand for? Stick to your brand's topic.

  • After you get 1,000 followers it gets easier to get followers so work hard to get those followers by tweeting regularly and connecting with others.

  • Mix it up by sharing a variety of tweets: I share quotes, jokes, links to other blogger's posts, awareness information, branded images and quotes and campaigns for different months linking in to international awareness days.

  • If you are going to DM someone don't be spammy. It is the start of a conversation, not a sales pitch.

  • Tweet everyday.

  • Followback.

  • Don't be stingy with the like button... that little heart gets noticed.
These tips may seem simple but if you follow all of these actionable twitter tips you will grow your twitter followers. 

Here are some tweet examples and why they worked. (by worked I mean were well liked and retweeted):

In September I linked into Pain Awareness Month. 
This was one of the most popular tweets.
It followed many of the things I have learnt about twitter. 
It was simple with one idea, 
it was conversational, 
it was an image,
it was branded.

This was another popular tweet from the same campaign.
   It connected emotionally with many people's experience 
   of living with fibromyalgia. 

People love humor. 
The following is from #FunnyFibro where I 
share a daily joke that people 
who have fibromyalgia can relate to. 

This was so popular because it is something relevant to my 
brand ("fibromyalgia awareness") and my followers.

I hope you have found something to help you on your twitter
journey in my tips.
If you have any questions about these tips I will answer them 
in more depth in the comments.  Also please let me know 
if you have a great twitter tip to share.

The Ultimate Fibromyalgia Pinterest Directory 2020

Fibromyalgia Pinterest Directory 2020


2020 Fibromyalgia Twitter Directory

Here is the ultimate Fibromyalgia Twitter Directory- a Directory of people with Fibromyalgia who tweet about it in 2020.
This is a great resource for connecting with and supporting others with fibro (FMS) and we hope you can join in.

1. Click the blue button below which says 'Add your link'
2. Add your url - it looks similar to this
3. In 'Name' add the name of your twitter account eg Fibro Bloggers or your name
4. Ad your email address. No one sees this (only me)

*PLEASE LINK UP YOUR TWITTER URL (not your blog url)

Fibromyalgia Twitter Directory 2020


Fibromyalgia Facebook Directory or who to follow on facebook

This is the 2019 version of the Fibro Facebook Directory - everybody who posts about fibromyalgia on facebook. Get on board and connect with the growing community on facebook.
Please add your fibro page here.
What Fibromyalgia people to follow on facebook


An easy to follow guide on How Often To Share On Social Media

An easy to follow guide on How Often To Share On Social Media

How often to post on SOCIAL MEDIA is different depending on the social media site.

I personally share 2 or 3 times a day on facebook and about the same on google + and more on twitter. (What a shame google + has gone now, I use to get lots of interested readers coming to my posts from there. It just shows how quickly things can change on the internet.)

I was sharing 5 times a day on twitter as @FibroBloggers and did a survey of my followers to find that 86% of them wanted more tweets. Please keep in mind that it is probably less from individual bloggers.

Recent research shows that it is optimal to post twice daily on Facebook, three times daily on Twitter, and 5 times daily or more on Pinterest. Do you agree with this? What is your experience?

PINTEREST: While Pinterest is more of a search engine than a social media site it has been included here. Top brands on Pinterest experience rapid growth by posting multiple times per day. I have found that now I am posting regularly on Pinterest 5 times a day or more Pinterest is one of the top sites sending visitors to my posts. Many people in Fibro Blogger Directory say the same.

TWITTER: Recent research has shown that tweeting more than 3 times causes your engagement to decrease slightly.

FACEBOOK: You can post twice per day before likes and comments then begin to drop off.

How Often To Share On Social Media


Using Pinterest to get traffic to your blog

Since creating this video Pinterest has made changes to its algorithm. So what does that mean to you? 
1. Pinning every day is still worthwhile. (or whatever you can do consistently.)
2. Pinning to every folder is no longer appropriate. Pinterest now appreciates "Fresh" pins and sharing the same pin to many accounts may now mean you are penalized by Pinterest.

That is a term that is used by content creators on Pinterest to mean a brand new never before seen pin. You can create a fresh pin or even revamp an old pin to make it fresh. You can either change the image or the font. If you are changing the font you can change the actual words or the font that you use eg change Helvetica to Georgia etc.

Below is the video which takes you 4 basic and relevant points.
Please ignore the 5th point as it is now considered spam by Pinterest! 
"Duplicate content will be shown less and possibly considered as spam" according to Pinterest Partnership Manager, Lucy Matthews, who is one of their representatives.

TRANSCRIPT: Today I am talking about Pinterest for bloggers. 

PINTEREST is not a social media platform where we talk to others and connect...

it is actually a search engine just like Google! 

It's a free way to drive traffic to your blog or website. 

You can use your pins to drive traffic to your opt-in pages or a specific post.

So how can we do this?   

Pinterest has the smart feed which rewards people who are better pinners. It now displays the best pins not the newest pins. So how can we be one of those better pinners and get seen by more people?

1. Have a high re-pin rate. 
When you pin something, Pinterest is looking to see how many times that pin is re-pinned. Basically, it thinks that if it is re-pinned more than once then people like it. 

2. Use keywords.
Pinterest is looking for keywords just the same as Google, so you need to use keywords on Pinterest as well. It helps if you know what people are searching for in your niche. When you create a pin in the Description box put the 3 or 4 keywords or keyword phrases that people might use if they were searching for that pin. 

3. PIN every day.
Yes every single day... even if it's just once a day. 

4. PIN in your niche. 
You need to appeal to your audience. Forget house design and flowers except if that is your niche. Create boards in your niche.

This is the content of the video that is now irrelevant from 2021...
(5. PIN to multiple boards. 
Pin it to every board of yours that is relevant to that pin. 
Start by pinning it to your main board and then re-pin it to your other boards. 
Hopefully that will get some re-pins and more traffic. 
I suggest creating your main board to be titled after your blog.
It is important to pin the 1 image to multiple boards because your followers may not be following every single board of yours. )

Look out for my other PINTEREST posts:


Fibro Facebook Directory

Here is a Directory of people with Fibromyalgia who are on facebook. This is a great resource for connecting with and supporting others with fibro (FMS) and we hope you can join in: It's so simple:


The Ultimate Fibromyalgia Pinterest Directory

Fibro Pinterest Directory
Welcome to the Fibro Bloggers Pinterest Directory for 2016 where you have the opportunity to grow your social network. It is the ultimate list of people on PINTEREST who pin about Fibromyalgia. 
Hope you enjoy following some new accounts.
Thank you so much for joining in with us


Fibromyalgia Twitter Directory

Here is a Directory of people with Fibromyalgia who tweet about it. This is a great resource for connecting with and supporting others with fibro (FMS) and we hope you can join in.