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WELCOME to the movement to connect fibro bloggers, inspired by all the fibro bloggers and their stories. 
Together everyone achieves more. There are no limits to what we can accomplish together. ~ W. Amos
Blogging is a powerful tool and by connecting we can be a stronger voice in raising fibromyalgia awareness. 
At Fibro Blogger Directory we aim to: 
  • Connect fibro bloggers
  • Help raise awareness of Fibromyalgia
  • Provide information to the world wide web and other media about fibro bloggers
  • Offer Directory members support through link ups, the newsletter, opportunities to promote your posts, and our private facebook group where we discuss and help each other with blogging. 

TWITTER: If you connect on our twitter account you instantly connect to what's happening in fibro land - follow your fibro friends, experts, and get breaking news on fibro and chronic pain. As a member of Fibro Blogger Directory you will also be mentioned on FibroBloggers twitter account, whether you have a twitter account or not.

FACEBOOK: Fibro Bloggers Directory features different bloggers daily. We feature your individual posts, your blog and your facebook page if you have one. 

PINTEREST: Are you on PinterestWe have group boards you can join to promote your pins. 

TUMBLR: Have you seen Fibro Bloggers on tumblr? An image from your blog may be there. Of course it has a link back to your blog so you will get visitors from tumblr without even having a tumblr account. You can SUBMIT a quote or photo at the tumblr site by just clicking the SUBMIT under the title.

WEEKLY FIBRO FRIDAY LINK UP: Every Friday we commence a new blog link up where you can add your most recent post.


Visit some of the other Fibro Bloggers blogs. Find your tribe and connect by leaving comments or following their blog.

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For more information about Fibro Bloggers Directory please contact: Lee Good


  1. Jodie can't jump8:11 PM

    Thanks for all you do to help us fibro sufferers. I have had fibro for 5 long lonely years and now I find your supporting site with so many helpful and honest people talking about fibro, thankS

    1. Hi Jodie, so happy you have found some people to get support from... that's what we all need when we have a chronic illness.

  2. Hi, Lee! I'd love to purchase your Simple Blogging ebook. I don't see a link to it in the post above -- where can I go to buy the book? Thanks!

  3. Hello

    Thank you for setting up this directory. I have tried joining and submitting my blog link multiple times but I never get an email to activate my membership from your website. I do get a message after submitting my blog link and email ID that and email has been sent to me. Can you please check?

    Since there is no other way to contact you, therefore I'm leaving this comment and also my website link.


    You can leave a comment or connect to me via email using the button on the blog. Or you can suggest an alternative way to get in touch with you via comments on this.

    Thank you

  4. Hi, sorry you've had problems trying to submit your blog. In your emails you will find the following "Fibro Blogger Directory Submissions"

    Please Confirm Your Request to join the Directory by pushing the button that says:

    "Yes, subscribe me to this list."

    This will ensure your submission comes to me. At this point I have not received your submission. I hope this helps.

  5. Hello--Not sure how many readers are in the New Orleans area but we're currently organizing clinical trials on a new treatment for FIBROMYALGIA.

    It's called the Morph device. Created by a group of neuro surgeons, The Morph Device combines modern day electronic technology with ancient Chinese acupuncture, combined with principles of Brain Plasticity to remove pain.

    We have a page set up on Facebook and suggest calling into the New Orleans clinic to participate. 504-373-6717.

    “For 25 years, this 50 some-year-old female patient suffered chronic pain as a result of Fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome. Nothing has worked for her. Yesterday, she was fitted with a Morph Device (a Percutaneous Auricular Electrostimulation device). Before they had even finished taping the device behind her ear, her pain fell from 8 to 6 to 4 to 2, then zero. She was shocked. How can this be? She called this morning saying she sleep very sound last night. Good sign.

    She's on a 10 day protocol. On day 5, her Morph will have the batteries tested, the program adjusted for the second half of her treatment. The principles of Brain Plasticity says pain can be turned off in the brain. This is the focus of The Morph Device.”

  6. Anonymous4:45 PM

    Thank you for this information. I will bring this up at my next visit to my neurologist.

  7. I am loving your build a better blog tips, and incorporating them in mine. Thank so much!!

    1. Thanks Photobaugh I am so happy to here you are getting some value from this program.

  8. Just a note. Any one looking to rebuild their blog, brand or start blogging for the first time? Wordpress offers free sites, themes and a free newsletter widget! I've been on Wordpress for two years, it just keeps getting better and better!

  9. Thank you! Following on all accounts. I look forward to joining in. I've already been following your FB page and adding comments as I see fit.

  10. Thank you for your amazing page /group. I only discovered it recently, but it has been a great source of support. I used to blog years ago, although I could only bring myself to share it with a few trusted close friends. I love to write. It is cathartic. I love the unity it brings, and the connection it ignites. I love the loneliness it erases. You have inspired me to start writing again. I will no longer let someone else's narrative or stigma, judgement or ignorance, shadow my story any longer. I am embracing my struggle.

    1. This is amazing to hear and thank you so much for letting us know. Also please reach out if you need any support. telling your story can help so many people. also we are a friendly and supportive group.

  11. Hello, I just began a blog here on blogger within the past few weeks, and I don't have much posted on it. I have 2 other websites that I regularly post on. I was planning to post some of my fibromyalgia tales, trials, and information here on my new blogger site. I have not done so yet. I was wondering if I may still submit my blog for your directory or do I need to wait until I have some posts up? Thank you for your time. Blessings.

  12. Pleas wait until you have some posts up and have decided you are going to continue posting regularly on your blo. We accept active sites and close down any memberships where ther has not been a post for over a year. Thanks for asking

  13. Hello ,
        I see your website www.fibrobloggerdirectory.com
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    What's the price if we want to advertise on your site?

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