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Fatigue Resources for fibromyalgia or What Can Help With Fibro Fatigue?

Fatigue Resources for fibromyalgia

In our polls, f
atigue scored highest with 39% as the symptom people with fibromyalgia struggle with the most.  49% said they felt fatigued all of the time. These polls were done in our facebook group FIBRO CONNECT with hundreds of respondents. 

Fatigue is one of the most common symptoms of fibromyalgia and it is also one of the most difficult symptoms in fibromyalgia to manage. When you are struggling with fatigue it feels difficult to do anything to help yourself get out of the situation.

But do not give up hope. There are simple things you can try. 

Here we have a selection of fatigue resources. As you know treatments for fibromyalgia are not a one size fits all situation and you need to try something and see if it helps you. As a general rule of thumb, whether it is moving more, a new supplement or a new medication I would suggest to give it a try for one month. This way it is better to assess whether this regime is helping to reduce your fatigue. 

MOVING MORE: The number 1 treatment option for fatigue is EXERCISE. I know this sounds the opposite to what we would think (and feel).

The importance of any exercise program is to start slowly and to gradually increase physical activity.
People who can help you with exercise include:
a doctor specialized in rehabilitation,
an exercise physiologist or exercise therapist,
a physiotherapist with interest in rehabilitation,
community based exercise program tailored to individuals,
a hydrotherapy program,
tai chi instructor,
yoga instructor,

pilates instructor.

If you do not have access to these experts then a simple and graded walking program can help. Also my favourite form of exercise is easy to do if you have access to a pool. It can be as simple as walking laps of the pool or a hydrotherapy program. 

Personal experience from Katie at PainFULLY Living

When one has low endorphin production, they will experience:

  • long-term pain throughout the body
  • tender spots that hurt when they are touched
  • muscle stiffness
  • fatigue and low energy
  • sleep problems
  • depression

To combat this, doctors often push endorphin-building exercises such as yoga, swimming, and walking.  I  have felt this distinct change from a raise in my endorphins when I was in physical therapy.  When I showed up lethargic, hurting, and down, my PT would get me on the treadmill for 20 minutes at a rate that got my heart pumping.  Every single time, I found that I had way less pain, my mood was improved, and I had energy.  Read her full article 'Becoming Myself Again'


What exercise works for fibromyalgia? 

Starting Hydrotherapy.

Yoga for fatigue: 4 Side-Effect Free Tools That Can Help You with Chronic Fatigue

RESTING MORE: This is also known as pacing. It is about finding the right balance of rest and activity for you. For many people this is a gamechanger that improves their fatigue. 

Personal experience with rest from Bruce Campbell PhD

I found that my rests were even more effective after I started doing a relaxation practice at the same time. Without the mental relaxation, my mind could race from worry to worry, so I experimented with various meditation procedures during my rest time. I found that focusing my attention on my breathing was the most effective technique for me. By lying down and keeping my awareness on my breath, I could relax both physically and mentally.

The principle I learned from all these experiments was that rest could have a dramatic effect on the energy available to me and on my symptom level. Taking a short rest break to re-charge my batteries expanded the number of productive hours in my day. Also, I found that I could avoid a long period of bed rest by taking a brief rest as soon I felt my symptoms beginning to get worse.

Get the Complete Pacing for Fibromyalgia Training video for free at Melissa VS Fibromyalgia. 


Pacing For Pain Management where Carrie describes why she paces and her rules for activities outside of her home. 


Can milnacipran help reduce fibromyalgia fatigue?

Answer From Kevin C. Fleming, M.D. at Mayo Clinic
In addition to relieving fibromyalgia pain, milnacipran (Savella) may help reduce the fatigue common in people who have fibromyalgia.
An antidepressant, milnacipran is one of three drugs that have been approved by the Food and Drug Administration to treat fibromyalgia. While relief of fibromyalgia pain can help people feel less fatigued, milnacipran appears to have an additional effect on fatigue — separate from that associated with pain relief.
Other treatments that may reduce fibromyalgia fatigue include better sleep hygiene, exercise and cognitive behavioral therapy.


Vibrotactile stimulation is a new, non-invasive, non-drug treatment with possibilities in Fibromyalgia. In this study 'Benefits were perceived on unpleasant somatic sensations such as generalized pain and fatigue...' Read the full report.
DEEP BREATHING:  Learning deep breathing techniques turns on your body’s natural relaxation response and oxygenates your blood more fully. When you consciously breathe more deeply you feel calm and relaxed and at the same time energized. If you cannot attend a yoga class you can find many breathing videos on Youtube


What we eat affects our energy levels. When we eat affects our energy levels. Aim for balanced meals at regular intervals. Try to reduce sugars and simple carbohydrates. Choose plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables daily. B vitamins and iron have a key role in preventing fatigue. They can be found in animal products, including eggs and wholegrains, nuts, beans and green vegetables.
You can use Cronometer to check your daily food intake, for free, and see if you are getting enough nutrients in your diet and what you may be deficient in.
Please check with your doctor, pharmacist or naturopath to make sure new supplements do not interact with other medications or conditions you have. 
Have your B12, Iron levels and thyroid function tested in a simple blood test as these can cause fatigue. 
COENZYME Q10: Personal experience: I have experimented with a lot of treatments out of personal and professional interest. As an ND, I want to be able to talk to patients about what they can expect from treatment from an experiential point of view.
Of all the things I have tried for fatigue from fibro, the standout is Coenzyme Q10 (ubiquinone) and there is research to support this finding. Find out more here from Janet McKenzie  (Naturopathic Doctor).

THIAMINE: I have just read a report on B1 - Thiamine. In this study they found the patients’ fatigue declined by an average of 4.5 points while taking high-dose thiamine. The outcomes did not differ for individuals with or without a thiamine deficiency.

The exact mechanism for thiamine’s effects on fatigue is not clear.

D-RIBOSEcan cause low blood sugar and is not recommended if you have diabetes. It is a naturally occurring sugar that the body uses for energy.

Personal story about D-ribose from Sue at Fibro Daze: I first read about D-Ribose in Dr. Teitelbaum’s book From Fatigued to Fantastic. It was one of the first supplements I started take taking when I went off all my medications in 2012. My energy level increased rather quickly and I no longer needed to take a nap during the day. D-ribose supplements that are verified for purity can be rather expensive.

MAGNESIUM : Deficiency in magnesium is often linked to fibromyalgia. Increasing magnesium helps to increase energy and can help to reduce pain, tenderness, anxiety and depression. Magnesium is needed for the production of the ATP molecule which gives us energy for basic body functions. 


a) How much has your fatigue reduced your activity during the past week in your personal life?
b) How much has your fatigue reduced your activity during the past week in your work life?
c) How much has your fatigue reduced your activity during the past week in your social life?
(This scale was designed for evaluation for the possible diagnosis of chronic fatigue syndrome. I think it may help us just to rate our own personal fatigue whether we have just fibromyalgia or have it with CFS)
Fatigue rating scale

PACING TRAINING: The Complete Pacing for Fibromyalgia Training video, for free, at Melissa VS Fibromyalgia. 
CRONOMETER Track your diet, exercise and health data for free. 
FIBRO CONNECT facebook group where you can discuss symptoms, and all things relating to fibromyalgia, with others living with it. 
I am an Amazon Associate and if you make a purchase through some of the links here it supports the work I do to run this directory. 
Fatigue resources for fibromyalgia