Pinterest Tips and Tricks: manual pinning and fresh content

Recently I have begun experimenting with PINTEREST to see if I can increase visitors to this site from there. Here you can follow along, see what I am trying and do it too. After all who doesn't want more traffic to their blog?

manual pinning and fresh content on pinterest

If you are new to Pinterest you may prefer to see my video on the basics here.

Last week I started using the pinterest pin builder, as they call it, but most people name it the manual pinner. It is a pinning tool that is on the Pinterest platform which is free to use. You access it from your Pinterest page. It is found at the top left by clicking the arrow next to 'Create' and then "Create Pin.' It does allow you to schedule the pin you create. 

When commencing to use their pinner I discovered something that I believe may be important. I added an image that I had created and was given the following message by pinterest:
We recommend an image that is at least 1000 px x 1500 px. This image is 735 px x 1102 px.

So according to pinterest, and straight from the horses mouth, as the saying goes, my pins have been too small. It makes great sense to me to create pins that are the size recommended by the actual platform so this is what I have just started doing. I will report back on my experiment with larger pins soon.

I have been using Canva to create my pins and just love it. Here is a tip to create these larger sized pins there... 

  1. Log into your canva account
  2. Open Create a Design which is in the top right hand corner
  3. Add your dimensions (1000 px in Width and 1500 px in Height)
  4. Click Create new design and canva will create the template for you to start using. It's so simple!

I have also started using pinterest's manual pinning and will report back if this helps increase click through's to this site as suggested by many pinterest experts. 

I have also gained some useful insights from watching a video with Pinterest Partnership Manager, Lucy Matthews, who is one of their representatives. You can watch the video on facebook but here are my major takeways if you don't have time:

  • Pinners want fresh content that is recent and relevant.
  • As long as the image is fresh the pin is counted as fresh content.
  • Focus on unique, new images to be fresh.
  • This fresh content will be shown and reach larger audiences.
  • Duplicate content will be shown less and possibly considered as spam. She would not share details on actual numbers on how much duplicate content would be considered spam. 
  • Pinterest is partnered with Tailwind who make sure that pinners use up to date practices.
  • If you are saving the same article to many boards try to use a few different "fresh pins".
  • Stay up to date with pinterest through their Best Practices updates or through Tailwind.
  • A creator is someone who publishes content and a pinner is someone who pins on pinterest.
  • Best practices will continue to evolve over time. 

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Pinterest manual pinner

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Pinterest Tips and Tricks: manual pinning and fresh content. Follow along with me as I experiment with pinterest to get more blog traffic

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