Fibro Friday week 221

Welcome to the Fibro Friday link up. We are excited to have you here and hope you can join in.

Fibro Friday is a weekly link up by and for people with Fibromyalgia — A place to share and help others understand more about fibromyalgia and to help spread awareness of this chronic pain illness and all it entails. 

Please share your fibromyalgia articles and visit some of the links. Relax with a cuppa and find out what others with Fibromyalgia 

are saying this week.

Simple ways to raise fibromyalgia awareness

We are individuals. We have a chronic pain illness. Sometimes we feel hopeless and alone. We wish there was something we could do to help ourselves and others.

We can do this in the following ways:
Support another person with Fibromyalgia - this can be done by connecting on social media, as simply as liking their tweet about fibro.
Read information about Fibromyalgia - knowledge is power.
Share information about Fibromyalgia - blog about it, write a letter to your local newspaper about it, share other people's articles about it.

I hope you can join in at Fibro Friday this week by reading and sharing other people's articles as well as adding your own.

Please let us know any other simple ways to raise awareness in the comments.

Simple ways to raise fibromyalgia awareness

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Fibromyalgia Facebook Directory or who to follow on facebook

This is the 2019 version of the Fibro Facebook Directory - everybody who posts about fibromyalgia on facebook. Get on board and connect with the growing community on facebook.
Please add your fibro page here.
What Fibromyalgia people to follow on facebook

How to raise fibromyalgia awareness

Creating an open discussion around fibromyalgia and sharing information on how it affects people can create an environment of increasing understanding and help remove the prejudices about fibromyalgia. This is just the start in raising fibro awareness.

Here are some simple ways you can help raise awareness today:

You can write a blog post about Fibromyalgia and how it impacts on you or a friend  and share it here in our weekly link up.

You can read about Fibromyalgia and educate yourself about it.

You can use hashtags on social media like #FibromyalgiaAwareness or share this post using #FibroFriday

You can visit the links here and share them on social media.

Thank you for your interest and I would love to hear in the comments how you are helping to spread the word.

How to raise fibromyalgia awareness

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