Blogging Inspiration

ideas to inspire a blog post

Nothing in your brain.  Or a hundred thoughts.  No inspiration.  No plan... except to create a blog post for your readers.

Blogging isn't about sitting on a wind swept beach, or in front of a computer, with ideas magically jumping into our brains. It takes some thought.

Being a chronic illness blogger can bring the extra challenge of having cognitive issues, colloquially known as brain fog, that can interfere with clarity of thought, an essential component for any writer.

Often I find I get writer's block, which is frustrating. I find ideas often come to me when I can relate to the idea in a quote and how it affects me in my life.

I am hoping to bring you blogging inspiration on a weekly basis, especially if you are a chronic illness blogger.

Blogging inspiration for chronic illness bloggers

This week's quote: "I'm acting like I'm OK. Please don't interrupt my performance."


Fibro Friday week 241

Fibro Fridy week 241
Pictured top to bottom, left to right Shelley from Chronic Mom, Nikki from Brainless Blogger, Alisha from The Invisible F and Susan from Living Creatively with Fibro. Just some of the Fibro Bloggers who contributed to last week's Fibro Friday.

Fibro Friday week 240

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Fibro Friday blog link up week 240

Fibro Friday week 239

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