How it feels to have fibromyalgia

What Fibro feels like
 Some people with chronic illness just prefer to be alone or feel the need to be alone a large part of each day.
This is different from feeling isolated and disconnected. The loneliness that so many people experience can be changed by finding a community where unspoken feelings around the illness can be voiced. Many  feel that engaging with others who share the same, or similar illness, helps remove the isolation and normalizes their feelings, concerns and hopes.

I believe that going through illness with others in this community is better than going it alone and hope that Fibro Friday and Fibro Blogger Directory can help you find that connection.


Help spread fibro awareness


Please help us spread fibromyalgia awareness

We are not alone. We are part of a worldwide group of people who are dealing with Fibromyalgia. Fibro bloggers raise awareness of the risk factors, day to day lives of people with Fibro, the symptoms and the treatment options. You can help raise awareness by sharing their posts which are listed below. Thank you so much.