An easy to follow guide on How Often To Share On Social Media

How often to post on SOCIAL MEDIA is different depending on the social media site.

I personally share 2 or 3 times a day on facebook and about the same on google + and more on twitter.

I was sharing 5 times a day on twitter as @FibroBloggers and did a survey of my followers to find that 86% of them wanted more tweets. Please keep in mind that it is probably less from individual bloggers.

Research shows that it is optimal to post twice daily on Facebook, three times daily on Twitter and Google+ and 5 times daily or more on Pinterest. Do you agree with this? What is your experience?

PINTEREST: While Pinterest is more of a search engine than a social media site it has been included here. Top brands on Pinterest experience rapid growth by posting multiple times per day. I have found that now I am posting regularly on Pinterest 5 times a day or more Pinterest is one of the top sites sending visitors to my posts. many people in Fibro Blogger Directory say the same.

TWITTER: Recent research has shown that tweeting more than 3 times causes your engagement to decrease slightly.

GOOGLE + : Post consistently as some users have found drops in traffic of up to 50% when posting less than normal.

FACEBOOK: You can post twice per day before likes and comments begin to drop off.

How Often To Share On Social Media


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