Fibro Friday week 456

 WELCOME to this week's Fibromyalgia link-up where we highlight the links of many fibro bloggers. Follow the links to visit their blogs. 

Fibro Friday week 456 the fibromyalgia link-up

Fibro Friday week 456

Fibro Friday week 455

WELCOME to Fibro Friday where you can find some fantastic articles about fibromyalgia and share yours as well. 

You can share a link to your blog post about fibromyalgia below or click on some of the links to find more information written by our fantastic fibro bloggers. 

As May is Fibromyalgia Awareness Month you may also like to find out what we are doing to raise awareness and how you can join in here.

Fibro Friday the fibromyalgia link up

Fibro Friday week 455 of the fibromyalgia link up


This Is Fibro for 2023 with Fibro Connect

Fibro Connect is our private facebook group to help people with fibromyalgia connect with others who have the same chronic pain condition and get their questions answered. 

We have a great group of men and women and for this year's Fibromyalgia Awareness Campaign we are doing This Is Fibro where we share our faces. On all social media we are using the hashtag #ThisIsFibro

We wanted to show that fibromyalgia can affect anyone and that people who look happy and healthy can be living with a chronic pain condition that keeps them in pain all day and all night. Fibromyalgia is mostly an invisible illness, though some people who have it may need to use, canes, walkers or wheelchairs and mobile devices due to pain, fatigue, foot problems and muscle stiffness.

You can join FIBRO CONNECT on facebook by answering two simple questions. 
You can see our awareness campaign in action at our Fibromyalgia Awareness facebook page and our twitter feed. We would love you to follow us there. 


Fibro Friday week 454

WELCOME to this week's Fibromyalgia link-up.
Fibro Friday week 454

You will find a place below where you can add your link to an article written about fibromyalgia. 
You will find a growing list of links that will take you to articles written about fibromyalgia.
We hope you can join in.
Also all throughout May, which is Fibromyalgia Awareness Month, we hope you can use the hashtag #ThisIsFibro on social media to help raise awareness. You can find out more about this campaign here.
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