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We are so pleased you are here to find out more about Fibromyalgia. This is what we are all about - sharing stories from people who live, eat, breathe (and try to sleep) with Fibromyalgia (FMS)
They have gathered together to provide varied information so that we can raise the awareness of this condition.

Last week we tackled some topics that are often not discussed such as How are your finances holding out? and how Fibromyalgia makes you Deconstruct to reconstruct your life and Fibromyalgia and excessive sweating. We hope you find something of interest to you here this week.

Fibro Friday week 180


Fibro Tip of The Week

We love helping people get simple ideas to improve their Fibromyalgia symptoms, so each week we will provide you with an idea that we hope you find helpful.
You may want to go back and have a look at our previous tips which include using speech recognition to help you on the computer, how to distract yourself from pain and music therapy.

Fibro Tip of The Week

This week's Fibro Tip is from Alisha, at the Invisible F, whose Indian heritage has given her a love of Tumeric. Now we have all heard of the benefits of tumeric as an anti-inflammatory, amongst other things, but Alisha has a special and different recipe for her famous Tumeric Tea which you can find here


Fibromyalgia Product of the Week

Fibromyalgia Product of the Week

If you are here you understand that living with Fibromyalgia and all of it's pain, fatigue and brain fog sucks.

In an attempt to ease the burden for Fibro fighters we have asked all of those in our Fibromyalgia community to share what their most helpful products are and we will be sharing them here each week at Fibro Product of the Week. We hope you find this helpful.

This product was the number 1 recommended product to relieve pain.

Ancient Minerals Magnesium Bath Flakes 1.65lbs - Pure Genuine Zechstein Magnesium Chloride - Bath Salt Supplement - Best for Topical Skin Absorption in Bath and Foot Soaks It's great for sensitive skin and children and comes in a resealable pack.

Balneotherapy is a natural approach to physical therapy using water and minerals. Dating back centuries, the Greeks and Romans would bathe in mineral-rich hot springs to treat a variety of ailments. It is thought to promote healing by increasing circulation, encouraging detox and easing stress. Today, people all over the world continue to seek out hot springs for a therapeutic soak. In water immersion, the skin’s absorption of the minerals can be considerable, especially with total body immersion. A way to replicate the art of balneotherapy at home is to add mineral-rich salts to your bath.
Magnesium is a necessary element to hundreds of biochemical reactions occurring in the body on a constant basis—approximately 300 enzymatic reactions. Magnesium contributes to the manufacture of energy, cardiovascular function, and cellular reproduction. Strong bones and teeth, radiant skin, balanced hormones, a healthy nervous system, and relaxed body and mind, are all made possible by sufficient magnesium in our cells.
Ancient Minerals magnesium products take advantage of our most efficient organ—our skin. A form of topical magnesium, designed for convenient, optimal absorption of magnesium.

Temperature of the water should be 101-103 °F (39 °C). Soak for 30 minutes or more. Following bath, rinse with warm water and pat dry. For foot soaks, dissolve up to 3 cups. For body soaks, dissolve up to 6 cups.
Genuine Zechstein magnesium chloride flakes.


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Welcome to Fibro Friday week 179, We are so happy to have you here. Fibro Friday is a great way to learn more about Fibromyalgia and get ideas to cope and find out how others experience this condition.

Every week you will find helpful articles about Fibromyalgia including This Week's Fibromyalgia News and helpful hints for living with Fibro such as Top 10 Tips for Travelling with a Chronic Illness and I Like to Move It ... Exercising With Fibromyalgia and science based articles like The Correlation between Caffeine and Pain and Dopamine and The Fibro Brain.

The great thing is that all the articles are written by people who have Fibromyalgia. So click on a link below to find out more or share a link of your own.
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