Fibro Friday week 349

Fibro Friday is showcasing articles by fibromyalgia bloggers from all around the world. They all live with this chronic pain condition. They would all love you to visit their blogs and find out more about living with fibro. By clicking on the links below, that interest you, you'll find out more. 

Fibro Friday week 349

Fibromyalgia awareness in 2021

WELCOME to our first Fibromyalgia link up for 2021. We are so pleased you are here at Fibro Friday to help spread awareness of this chronic pain condition. By sharing information about fibromyalgia you are helping more people learn about it. This is one strategy to raise the level of familiarity with fibromyalgia which will lead to quality health care and public health services.

Fibro friday

Find fantastic fibromyalgia articles at Fibro Friday

Every Friday we start a new link up where you will find great articles about fibromyalgia, written by people living with this chronic pain condition. 

Last week we had tips for a chronic Covid Christmas, Lists for a chronically ill homemaker, Potential fibromyalgia clinical drug trials and What is a Fibromyalgia Flare-Up? to name just a few.

Fibro Friday

Fibro Friday week 346

Welcome to the fibromyalgia link up where you will find interesting articles about fibromyalgia. Every week people living with this chronic pain condition write and share their articles about it. 

We have 345 previous week's articles for you to check out. We hope you enjoy this week's articles too! Featured in the image below are some of our regular writers. 

CONNECTING the fibro blogging community, inspired by all the fibro bloggers and their stories.



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