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How to Add a badge to your blog

Here you will find a selection of badges to choose from to fit and suit your blog.

The sidebar is the perfect place to display your badge as a valued member of Fibro Blogger Directory.

Some of the badges have a white background and some are transparent, which only suits a pale background. Some have 'Valued Member' on them and some don't. You can choose whichever one you like.

Having (and keeping) a badge on your site is part of the acceptance into Fibro Blogger Directory. In other words you must have a badge on your site to be accepted and it must stay on your site or you will lose your membership.

To add a badge to your site please:
  1.  Select a badge design from options below
  2. Right click and save the image as Fibro Blogger Directory
  3. Go to your own blog
  4. Add the image with the link in layout sidebar
  5. Check that it works by clicking on your badge and making sure it redirects to Fibro Blogger Directory
  6. Let me know you have added your badge, if you are applying to become a member of Fibro Blogger Directory. Use the email form here.
Please keep in mind that there is just me here, not 15 workers, and this is a free service to you so I really appreciate your patience.

150 X 150 transparent background

180 x 180 transparent background

200 x 200 white background

220 X 220 

225 x 225 white background

225 x 225 transparent background

282 x 282 white background

350 x 350 white background

450 x 450

300 x 69


Get involved

Short answer: Go to SUBMIT your site page and send a private email. We will get back to you once we have a look at your site.

More detailed answer:


How to be accepted to Fibro Bloggers Directory

Fibro Bloggers Directory acceptance in

Please go to our SUBMIT page and add your blog for consideration.

We will have a look at your blog and put it in the Fibro Bloggers Directory.

We have a set of guidelines to review before your blog is placed into the Directory.

Blogs we would be proud to include in the Fibro Blogger Directory:

  • Have an active status i.e. they blog usually once a month or more
  • Have original content i.e. share your own unique perspective
  • Are obviously about Fibro e.g. have a tag list with the word fibro in it; have fibro in their title or 'About me'
  • You actually blog mostly about Fibro
Your blog may not be chosen if there is:
  • Inappropriate or offensive material (at administrators discretion)
  • Auto-blogging (linking only to other sites)
  • High number of advertisements, pop-ups or spam without quality posts
  • The majority of your posts are not about Fibromyalgia
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