Your Pre Publish checklist (or what to do before you hit the Publish button)

Your Pre Publish checklist - or what to do before you hit the Publish button

When I get to the end of writing a post I am really excited and want to just get the post out into the blog- a-sphere...
over all the years of blogging, I have learnt to curb my impatient nature and double check a few things before I publish my post.

I've actually created a Pre Publish Checklist and thought that you too may find it useful too.

1. TITLE : Is the Title catchy?

2. KEYWORD: Have you included a keyword or keyword phrase in the title or in the beginning of your article?

3. IMAGE: Have you included one (or more) relevant images? Have you added it's ALT Text.

4. PROOFREAD: Double check the spelling and grammar.

5. INTERNAL LINKING: Is it possible to link another one of your relevant posts to this post?

6. CALL TO ACTION: Can you include a call to action at the end?

7. REFERENCES: Can you include quality references?

8. LINKS: Check all the links.

If you have any questions about my checklist, that I can help you with, I'd love you to leave a comment.


  1. Unsure of where to find the ALT text of photos???

  2. Image alt text (alternative text) is used within the HTML of a website to describe an image. It will be different depending what platform you are using eg wordpress, wix, blogger. I think you are wordpress. WordPress allows you to add Alt text for your images when you upload them using the built-in media uploader. You can also add alt text to an image by visiting Media » Library and clicking on the Edit link below the image. Hope tis helps

  3. Extremely helpful. Many thanks! ~Kim


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