Fibro Tip of the week - Music Therapy

Music Therapy

This week's Fibro Tip comes from Seeking Equilibrium

Music Therapy is used to induce relaxation and to be used in a multi-disciplinary approach for pain management. It covers listening to music, writing songs, singing along to music, discussing lyrics and meditating with music in the the background.

A Danish study has shown that people experience less pain when listening to their favorite music.

 "We measured both directly and indirectly how the participants experienced their pain after having listened to self-chosen, relaxing and pleasant music, and we measured an effect on all parameters. They reported that the pain became less unpleasant and less intense." says study lead author Peter Vuust, of the center for Functionality Integrative Neuroscience at Aarhus University, Denmark.

Find out more at Seeking Equilibrium

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