Fibromyalgia pain

Find out all about the pain of fibromyalgia. 

Pain all over the body is the hallmark symptom of fibromyalgia but are so many different kinds of pain experienced by someone with fibro from allodynia to raynaud's... Find out more about them here. 

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Many fibro bloggers are sharing their articles here about their own personal experiences with pain and what has helped them.

pain in fibromyagia blog posts


  1. Great topic for a link up. There's so many different ways to experience and deal with pain.

    1. I agree with you about how we experience pain and what works for each of us to deal with it. Such an individual thing. Glad you think pain and fibromyalgia is a good link up topic. Thanks for joining in at no. 4

  2. Great idea to have a collection all on one page.

  3. Wow, huge link up - this is amazing! I've only just done my post so I'm too late sadly to join:

    I'm bookmarking this as there are quite a few here I don't recall coming across before. Thanks, Lee!


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