Nearly 50 fibro voices here

Hoping for 50 plus voices by the new year when we will be starting some new projects at Fibro Bloggers Directory. We will be asking for submissions from anyone in the Directory to share past blogs on different topics in a kind of blog hop - some people call it a carnival, some call it a link up. As soon as we get 50 we will probably commence.
In the meantime, thank you to everyone who has added a badge.
Remember how it felt when you had no visitors! Please visit all our new fibro bloggers as they are all new to blogging and I am sure would love our support:

45. Not Just an Ordinary Day Living my life under extraordinary circumstances - by Kelly, wife and mother, blogging since October 2011

46. Angst & Thanks The illnesses may be invisible, but the pain is real by Genie blogging since November 2011 - a Canadian woman in her late 20s struggling with chronic pain and invisible illnesses.

47. Fibromyalgia—Peter's Journey - I'm trying to learn a little more about this syndrome and about myself, and hopefully share my experiences with some insight, music and pop culture references and a little humor. Peter is a married guy blogging in USA since November 2011.

48. Restoring My Soul Spiritual inspiration and comfort for Christians suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome and/or fibromyalgia. Ann's blog - avstay at home mother of five living in Florida USA blogging since October 2011.

So do you know anyone who should be No. 49 and 50? Please tell them to add a comment here.


  1. Lee, you provide such an important resource to the community! Thanks for all your hard work. I really appreciate visiting your site and learning about new (or new-to-me) blogs.

  2. I just received the very first comment on my new blog www.rebel-healing.com. The comment was from blogger who has your button on her site and that is how I found this site. And I'm SO happy to have found your site! I've been looking for a blogger community. I would love to have my blog considered for the Fibro Bloggers Directory. You can see my blog at www.rebel-healing.com. -Amy

  3. I am glad to be here and am able to find the support and encouragment as well as share my experiences with Fibromyalgia. This is a journey, that I do not wish on anyone. But being able to come here and see that there are others is just and awesome thing and I encourage you to stop by my blog for inspiration and education. As I find insight and information....I share. Thanks Fibro Blogger Directory for creating this much needed network....www.simpleexpression11.blogspot.com


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