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Quotes of emotional support

During times of difficulty we need to dig deep into our reserves. I hope these quotes will give you a spark of inspiration, maybe some emotional support that you may need at this time. Quotes are wonderful and strange beasts that can trigger a realisation of our own deeper understanding. Hopefully they will help you...

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This Is Fibro

This Is Fibro

To help raise fibromyalgia awareness we have compiled a list of of comments about the condition, from people living with fibromyalgia.  We are sharing the comments from the fibro bloggers who are part of Fibro Blogger Directory to help raise awareness in Fibromyalgia Awareness Month (May)

Fibromyalgia is a syndrome, with many symptoms - sleep disturbances, fatigue, cognitive disorders, stiffness, numbness, tingling. The main symptom is widespread muscle pain. ~ Lee Good, Fibro Files.

The butterfly is embraced as a symbol of Fibromyalgia awareness. Soft as breath, nearly weightless, it is an excellent allegory to the impact even the lightest touch has on a Fibromyalgia patient. When a fellow Fibrate states hugging their child hurts too bad they can't do it, it breaks my heart. A major symptom of Fibromyalgia is sensory sensitivity. ~ Leah Tyler, Chronicles of Fibromyalgia.

We know that our symptoms reflect systemic dysfunction. We may have dysregulated thyroid function, impaired digestion, and an over-stimulated stress response. We may be super-sensitive to sights, sounds, smells, tastes, and even touch. All of these responses point to a systemic issue. The Central Nervous System is unhappy and from that, every system of the body has the propensity to malfunction to some degree. ~ Sue Ingebretson, Rebuilding Wellness

This fatigue is over-arching and all-encompassing exhaustion. It’s not something you can just get a good night’s sleep to correct. You wake up tired and you go to bed tired. ~ Julie, Counting My Spoons

When you have chronic pain your life changes instantly. You want to hold onto things that were part of your healthy life, but your body just won't cooperate. ~ Shelley, Chronic Mom

There still isn't enough research.  There isn't enough funding for research.  All we can do, is continue to educate and advocate until all of the above changes.  Like I always say, the more people that know the truth about what all we have to suffer with on the daily, the easier it will be to one day have enough funding. ~ Amy, The Fibro Frog

No matter what I still hate feeling out of control in my own skin. I hate waking up in pain and I hate to go to bed in pain. What I hate even more is appearing weak. ~ Rosemary, Seeking Equilibrium 

Most don’t even believe it is there, not all the time. It couldn’t possibly be. Those who do believe don’t understand why you don’t just take a Tylenol and make it go away, like they do with a headache. ~ Life With A Pebble.

It’s not that you want to go around with a plaque on your head saying ‘I’m in pain’, but if you look at the number of invisible symptoms of Fibromyalgia it makes you realise why people question your pain, when there is nothing to show for it. ~ Barbara, Back Pain Blog UK

Yes, there is chronic widespread pain. It is often the symptom people think of. Yes, we have pain. All the time. And we can flare up with a lot more than our baseline pain as well. And there are more types of pain than people think. ~ Nikki, Brainless Blogger

No-one should be left to suffer. No-one should be made to feel like it is their fault they are ill. No-one should have to suffer the losses Fibromyalgia, Lyme & ME/CFS patients do on a daily basis. It is unacceptable. ~ Donna, February Stars.