Fibro Bloggers contest starts today

Let's all join together and get this thing started. More visitors to our sites, more comments, more involvement and connection...sounds good doesn't it?

It helps our sites but ultimately it helps the fibro cause, as many people are seen to be involved in what Fibromyalgia is all about and how it affects so many people.

It's so easy to join in  -
1. just visit other members of Fibro Bloggers Directory* and
2. leave a comment on any of their posts. One comment equals 2 points in the competition.
3. call back here and get your points for each person you visit by adding them on Rafflecopter.
4. If you cannot use the Rafflecopter, for any reason, please leave a list below of the url or url's you have visited.

How to Win
The person with the most points on Rafflecopter wins. Rafflecopter will tally the votes.

What you win
The top 8 to 10 winners will be put in Fibro Blogs of Note on the Fibro Bloggers Directory site.
They will be promoted on facebook and twitter and Pinterest and tumblr.

CONDITIONS:  The winners must have a Fibro Blogger Directory badge on their site. The existence of their comments will be checked.

* Go to the Directory or Alphabetical list and work your way through

a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. It might seem simple, but I don't get it. I visit another site and post a comment. So do they get their blog listed or do I get my blog listed and how do I get my blog on a list for people to visit? Confused.

  2. Sorry, KJ I will try to be clearer and thanks for letting me know.
    You are listed and get 2 points.
    When you go on Rafflecopter you put in your facebook or email to enter. This gives you the points for commenting on someone elses blog. They have to be part of Fibro Blogger Directory and have one of our badges on their site.

  3. So I wasn't sure how I'd keep up with who I comment on, because I have many on my Wordpress reader. Am I understanding right that it's logging them for me and all I do is hit the +2?

    1. The Rafflecopter is to record each person's site you visit and comment on who is in Fibro Blogger Directory.

  4. Nevermind, guess not :( I have already definitely lost track.

    1. Sorry Shelah, you obviously are great at making lots of comments and being engaged with others. We need more bloggers like you.


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