Welcome our newest member to Fibro Blogger Directory

We have many new members here all arriving very soon. As a matter of fact I have been inundated with people wishing to be part of Fibro Blogger Directory, people wanting to tell and share their personal story on fibromyalgia, people wanting to share good and useful information about fibro.

Our newest member is FibroWhat??? who I believe is our only member from New Zealand. Welcome and thank you for joining us - Haere mai a ka whakawhetai ki a koutou mo te hono a matou.
Fibro What???

"After years of trying to figure out what these symptoms were
that were plaguing me, and not knowing where to go for answers,
and after many, many visits to specialists and doctors
I decided to start a blog to share whatever I could
to help others that might come into the same situation."
FibroWhat??? blogging since January 2015.

Welcome our newest member to Fibro Blogger Directory


  1. Welcome FibroWhat??? Glad to see you here on Lee's marvelous collaborative platform where we are welcomed to share what we have to say about fibro.

  2. Hi, FibroWhat! I hope to be a part of this site, too!


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