Please help others understand more about fibromyalgia


  1. Anonymous9:38 AM

    Thank you for giving us a forum to share and read information about fibro. I get to read blog entries I probably would not have seen without this blog.

  2. I am really thankful that there is social networking sites etc out there about Fibro. I really do need more info on how to deal with it as I havery just been diagnosed with it but I really think I have had it for about 10 yrs. Just all Dr's have dismissed it and basically said get over or blamed my symptoms on viral infection. My main concern is trying to get my husband to understand it, as I always get the "get over it" from him. It upsets me that he doesn't get what it feels like. I just would love more info instead of Wikipedia about it. Maybe even other people's stories with it or a fantastic website that gives other people the insite into it in like dummies language. Anything for more help in him understanding how hard some days really are for me.


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