FIBRO FACT: people with Fibromyalgia have trouble sleeping

cycle of pain and poor sleep
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Most people with Fibromyalgia complain of trouble sleeping and  to me it's a bit of a chicken or egg situation - which came first the chicken or the egg? - did sleep problems cause the fibro or did the fibro cause the sleep problems?

trouble sleeping and fibromyalgia

Difficulty falling asleep, frequent wakings, disruption to deep sleep, sleep apnea, daytime sleepiness, feeling tired all the time and restless legs syndrome are some of the frequently reported sleep  concerns that people with fibromyalgia have.

People with fibromyalgia may also experience an alteration in their patterns of slow wave sleep, which is the deepest stage of sleep. In one study, researchers selectively deprived a group of healthy middle-aged women of slow wave sleep for a period of three days. In response, the women showed a decreased tolerance for pain and increased levels of discomfort and fatigue, suggesting that such sleep disruption may play an important role in the development of fibromyalgia symptoms.  National Sleep Foundation.

Here we have gathered some articles written by people who have fibromyalgia about sleep:

sleep problem meme

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