Our newest fibro blogger is...

Emma Sheridan 
our newest fibro blogger Emma
Emma lives in England and was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia in 2013 after having pain symptoms for many years. She started a facebook support group for people in Sheffield who have Fibromyalgia. She now has a blog called A Sheffield Fibromite where she shares her journey with Fibromyalgia and trying to live life positively with pain. 
Please welcome our newest member by visiting her blog and connecting with her on twitter, facebook and instagram. Besides being a blogger Emma is an e-communications graduate, technical writer, mum, feminist and a metalhead who enjoys drinking tea and ale.


  1. Welcome Emma.
    This is very useful, however it is important that the mouse will click on the connections.

  2. Thanks Triumph, I have checked the links and they all seem to be working correctly and leading to A Sheffield Fibromite.

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    Please keep up sharing.

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