Susan Pearson from Living creatively with Fibro

Susan Pearson from Living creatively with Fibro

This is a photo of  Susan Pearson from Living creatively with Fibro. 

Susan lives in England, with her husband Michael, where she spends her spare time doing crafting and genealogy. She has been happily blogging, about Fibromyalgia, since June 2016 and often includes posts on how she adapts and manages her crafts so she can continue to do them with Fibromyalgia.

If you have chronic pain and are a crafter you need to have a look at:
Susan often tackles some difficult topics avoided by others in her posts including:
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  1. Hi Susan welcome aboard I am in the UK too :0) x

  2. Hi Susan, we are so pleased to have you as part of Fibro Blogger Directory.

  3. Hi Susan! I spent time just getting lost in the cool ideas in your blog. So nice to read such a welcoming site, and such a creative ideas.


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