It's time for Fibro Friday

Fibro Friday

As people living in chronic pain we often try anything that we find hoping that it will help reduce our pain and many other symptoms. The thing is that just as each person may experience different symptoms they also may find different things that help them, There is no one size fits all with Fibromyalgia and no one thing that everybody finds helps them.

Last week I enjoyed reading many different ideas for reducing symptoms: Sue talked about Chronic Magnesium Deficiency and whether it was aggravating our Fibro; Melissa gave me her 22 suggestions for increasing energy (and who doesn't want more of that); Cynthia discussed why she does yoga to help pain and Julie explained myofascial release therapy

There were so many great articles if you missed them you can find them all here. I wonder what we will find at this week's Fibro linkup below?

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