Fibromyalgia syndrome involves many symptoms

The main Fibromyalgia symptom is pain - which can be described in many different ways, as pain is subjective, but pain it is. After that is a myriad of other symptoms which are not necessarily felt by every single person who has Fibro... most would say they have fatigue and a problem with sleep and then it seems to be a lucky dip of symptoms that can fluctuate in severity and change every week for no known reason. These symptoms include: headaches, migraines, chemical sensitivity, mood disorders, stiffness, sensory problems, like pins and needles, gastrointestinal problems, food intolerances, sexual dysfunction, difficulty losing weight, and let's not forget brain fog!

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Fibromyalgia syndrome involves many symptoms


  1. If you need some Monday Motivation, go check out the interview I did with Missadventurexx about how she vlogs with fibromayglia. I'm looking forward to read what you guys have been up to last week!


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