Continue to Shine A Light On Fibro: Fibro Friday week 205

We would love you to join us by reading some of the links here about Fibromyalgia and chronic illness. Maybe you will find one that really resonates with you, that you can share with others, and join us by sharing Fibromyalgia Awareness.

You may also have a post about Fibro that you would like to add to this link up. If you have a Christmas related post please link it up at our Chronic Christmas Chronicles.

Happy Reading and sharing.

This week we are continuing to use the hashtag #ShineALightOnFibro if you would like to join us on Twitter, Facebook and Google+ 

Shine A Light On Fibro Fibro Friday week 205


  1. Happy holidays to my fellow fibro warriors xx

  2. Thank you and to you too Kirsten. x


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