Fibromyalgia Product of the Week

Fibromyalgia Product of the Week

If you are here you understand that living with Fibromyalgia and all of it's pain, fatigue and brain fog sucks.

In an attempt to ease the burden for Fibro fighters we have asked all of those in our Fibromyalgia community to share what their most helpful products are and we will be sharing them here each week at Fibro Product of the Week. We hope you find this helpful. 

Please keep in mind that Fibro Blogger Directory is an Amazon affiliate which means that sometimes the product recommended may come from Amazon. This means that if you choose to purchase the product a small percentage of the profits go to maintaining this site BUT at NO extra cost to you. Thank you.

This week's Fibromyalgia Product of the Week is an audible book about yoga and you can get it free right now! Isn't that amazing? Everyone is talking about yoga for chronic pain and fibromyalgia and Cynthia at My Inspiring Fibro Life even talks about specific poses for specific pain. Did you know that yoga is one of the natural things that has been proven scientifically to help Fibro? You can read about it here

So back to the product:

Inside this audiobook, you'll find 7 steps the author took that led to her recovery from chronic pain with Fibromyalgia including:
  • Understanding pain
  • Understanding the science of yoga
  • Taming the mind
  • Using the breath as a source of energy
  • Developing postures for a daily yoga practice
  • Creating self-care rituals 
  • Living mindfully

So not only can you get this audio book and another one for free you can get to try audible for free for 30 days.

If you don't want audible you can buy the kindle version for just $2.83 or the paperback for only $6.99.

Check out this helpful book that can transform your life: 

Yoga for Chronic Pain: 7 steps to aid recovery from fibromyalgia with yoga

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