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Pain FULLY Living blog about fibromyalgia
Katie has been sharing her fibromyalgia story since June 2019 at her blog Pain FULLY Living -  Living Fully Despite Pain. 

Katie was a confident teacher of many years when Fibromyalgia hit.  She has now retired and has become a writer about fibromyalgia. Through her writing she shares her reflections and her growth. She is learning and trying new things and hopes to help others along their own fibro journey.
I feel that sharing my journey can give insight to others on their own, much like others have helped me. Also, blogging helps me to understand better how I’m feeling about things; writing helps me process. My posts serve as a bit of a timeline for me to remember where I’ve been in this process of healing and self-discovery.
Katie writes about her online and offline community, her daily struggles and blessings and the many interesting things she has investigated to help reduce her symptoms such as SAM-e, and Vyvanse, Medical Marijuana, and SOMA breathing. 

Some of her posts include:
You can connect with Katie Clark at her blog, and on her facebook page. She would love you to visit and leave a comment.

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