What you can do during Pain Awareness Month this September

September is international Pain Awareness Month. Let's work together to better address chronic pain.

You can help raise awareness of chronic pain, in all it's forms this month on social media by sharing the hashtags #PainAwareness #PainAwarenessMonth #ChronicPain

You can join in there with hundreds of different organizations who are also promoting awareness of pain and many different conditions this month.

As fibromyalgia is a chronic pain condition we are also using the hashtags #FibroPain and #FibroSucks and would love you to join in. You can help raise awareness and bring us closer to a cure for Fibromyalgia. Help us give visibility to fibromyalgia pain. 

What you can do to help raise awareness of chronic pain in September:

  • share the above images on your social media
  • use the hashtags #PainAwareness #PainAwarenessMonth #ChronicPain #FibroPain #FibroSucks
  • reshare any of the images on our twitter feed, facebook page, tumblr, or pinterest accounts.
  • share any of the images below. We will be adding more during the month.
  • share your pain story on social media and use one or more of the hashtags.
  • join us at FIBRO CONNECT our private group for people with Fibromyalgia to share your fibro pain story.

You can visit Pamela's blog here.
She is one of the marvellous moderators in our private Fibromyalgia group.

Monica is one of our members at FIBRO CONNECT

You can visit Rachel's blog here.


  1. A terrific list of prompts and ideas, Lee! Thanks for everything you do for our community.

    1. Right back atcha! Carrie. So glad you are part of Fibro Blogger Directory.


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