Fibromyalgia link up - Fibro Friday week 352

Thank you to all the fabulous fibro bloggers sharing their articles at this fibromyalgia link up each week.

You can read them by clicking on the numbered links below.  

We would love you to share this link up so that more people looking for information about this chronic pain and fatigue condition can find helpful information from people living with it.

Fibro Friday week 352


fibromyalgia link up for bloggers


  1. So many great entries at the Fibro link up this week. I look forward to reading them and sharing them too.

  2. Looks like some great options this week, thanks Lee.

    1. You are welcome and thanks for always being a contributor each week with such fun and helpful posts about fibromyalgia... No 9 this week about the opoid crisis affecting fibromyalgia and all chronic illness sufferers.


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