Funny Fibro

 Well fibromyalgia is not funny at all, I can hear you say after reading the title. 

No it's not. Living with any chronic pain condition is not funny but that is precisely why I love to share jokes about fibro because we all need a smile and a laugh every single day.

A recent systematic review analyzed 13 studies over the past 10 years where humor had been used to communicate serious messages covering topics such as mental health, breast and testicular cancer self-examination, safe sex, skin cancer and binge drinking.

"What we found is that humor can act as an effective vehicle for delivering messages people might find fear-inducing or threatening. Humor, if used well, can be an emotional buffer that breaks down some of that fear so the underlying messages reach the intended audience and influence their behaviors and attitudes."  MedicalXpress

I have been sharing fibro humor on twitter and facebook for many years now and luckily many others who live with fibromyalgia and other chronic conditions love to share their humor too. 

So here are some of their humorous contributions. I hope they make you smile.

#FunnyFibro thanks to 
Kooki HONOR 
My type of olympics 😅
Proud to say I’m a gold winner ! for many years in a row ☺️

Funny Fibro humor

#FunnyFibro thanks to Kathy K. Norman @KathyKNorman on twitter who says "You might as well smile.
Living with Fibromyalgia, Laughter is good medicine."

Funny Fibro joke

#FunnyFibro thanks to BettinaBier @BettinaBier on twitter

Funny Fibro meme
#funnyfibro thanks to Eluned @ElunedMcCaffrey 💜 on twitter

Funny Fibro joke

#funnyfibro thanks to Ashley Malson @AshleyMalson1 on twitter who says "All the time!"

Funny Fibro humor

#funnyfibro thanks to Cynthia Baughman @photobaugh on twitter

Funny Fibro joke about spoonies

#funnyfibro thanks to Beatrice @JustaSpoonie on twitter

"When i run out of spoons
You can fork off😂🤣
Yep. Exactly."

Thank you to everyone who joins in and shares humor about living with fibromyalgia... you all brighten someone's day.


Funny Fibro fibromyalgia humor


  1. I find the ability to laugh, including at myself, has been so important for dealing with my health problems. It's also a good release to have a chuckle, it really is good for the soul. These are fantastic ones 😂 - thank you for sharing!

    Caz xx

    1. Hiya Caz, thanks for letting me know you enjoyed them. I agree that humor is so important.


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