Fibro Friday blog link-up week 390

WELCOME to this week's Fibromyalgia link -up where we share information about this chronic pain syndrome which has a multitude of symptoms. The butterfly is often used as a symbol of fibromyalgia as it shows both fragility and strength and represents the people living with it. 

We have many of these strong fibro warriors writing their stories and sharing them here each week. This week we highlight Katie Clark whose goal is to help others while helping herself. She has posts on the emotional health aspects of chronic illness including her interesting experiences with Unlearning My Chronic PainYou’ve Gotta Be Kidding! Looking Back at Childhood Fibromyalgia Symptoms and EMDR Therapy: Rewiring the Fibro Brain.

It would be wonderful if you could share a link to your fibromyalgia story here this week. If that is not possible we would love you to visit some of the links here and have fun finding some new fibro friends. 

Fibro Friday blog link-up week 390

Fibro Friday blog link-up week 390

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