Fibro Friday link-up week 402

 A big WELCOME to everyone and thank you for dropping by today. Fibro Friday is all about fibromyalgia awareness and we hope you can help spread it far and wide. We want everyone to understand a little more about fibromyalgia. That is the first step in getting more research done into this condition that affects so many people. This research will be able to uncover the causes of fibro and also the treatments. Wouldn't that be wonderful?

How can you help? Visit some of the links here today and share some of them on your social media. If you have an article, that you have written about fibromyalgia we would also love you to share it in the link-up below. 

If you are interested in finding out more about this chronic pain condition please visit some of our previous link-ups where you will find hundreds of articles. 

Fibro Friday link-up week 402 - the fibromyalgia link up

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