The fibromyalgia link-up week 430

WELCOME to Fibro Friday, named because it starts here on Fibro Blogger Directory each Friday and it's about fibro which is the slang version of the word fibromyalgia. (In medical research it is often called FM or FMS which stands for Fibromyalgia syndrome.) 

Fibro Friday is a place where many people who live with fibromyalgia share the link to a recent article they have written about it.

They do so to help others understand more about this chronic pain condition. We hope you can join in and share the link to Fibro Friday so more people can access these articles. 

Last week we had helpful articles about fibro flares, finances, coping during pregnancy, mindfulness, sleep and more. 

The fibromyalgia link-up week 430

The fibromyalgia link-up week 430

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