Fibro Friday week 476

WELCOME to Fibro Friday a weekly link-up all about Fibromyalgia.

What is a link-up? It's a place to leave your own link to a blog post you have written - in this case about fibromyalgia or a related topic. 

Who can join in this link-up? Anyone who has written an article relating to fibromyalgia aka fibro. You do NOT have to be a member of Fibro Blogger Directory to join in.

What is the purpose of a link-up? A link-up can have a variety of purposes: 

  • To share information. 
  • To help people access information about a specific topic. 
  • To help raise awareness of that topic. 
  • To help people find others who write about that topic. 
  • To discover new blogs on a specific topic.

While you are here please take this opportunity to have a look at previous week's link-ups or/and add your own link below. 

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