Build A Better Blog

Hi, I'm Lee Good and I can help you Build A Better Blog. I personally know it's hard to run a blog when you have a chronic illness....
hard reading through lots of information when trying to learn something new online;
hard when you feel overwhelmed to even think about blogging.

That's why I will keep things simple in this course.
In each email you will get 3 simple actionable steps to help you with blogging, starting now: 
  1. A simple actionable idea to make your blog better - improve it's function, it's look and it's useability.
  2. Ideas to blog about for the chronic illness blogger.
  3. How to get more vistors to your blog. 

Just add your First name and email above and then look in your email. Speak to you there.

I have been blogging for over 10 years and have created a few successful blogs, written for Good News Network and lifehack and I'm editor at Fibro Blogger Directory.  I am constantly learning about ways to build a better blog and would love to share them in this course with you.