How to be accepted to Fibro Bloggers Directory

Fibro Bloggers Directory acceptance in

Please go to our SUBMIT page and add your blog for consideration.

We will have a look at your blog and put it in the Fibro Bloggers Directory.

We have a set of guidelines to review before your blog is placed into the Directory.

Blogs we would be proud to include in the Fibro Blogger Directory:

  • Have an active status i.e. they blog usually once a month or more
  • Have original content i.e. share your own unique perspective
  • Are obviously about Fibro e.g. have a tag list with the word fibro in it; have fibro in their title or 'About me'
  • You actually blog mostly about Fibro
Your blog may not be chosen if there is:
  • Inappropriate or offensive material (at administrators discretion)
  • Auto-blogging (linking only to other sites)
  • High number of advertisements, pop-ups or spam without quality posts
  • The majority of your posts are not about Fibromyalgia
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  1. My blog is Desire to Heal - http://www.desiretoheal.com

  2. My blog is http:meandmyfibro@blogspot.com

  3. My blog is Chronicles of Fibromyalgia http://chroniclesoffibro.blogspot.com/

  4. Hi, my blog is
    healing hugs to you all!

  5. My blog is My Life With Fibromyalgia Pain


    I look forward to ready everyone's blogs.

  6. http://crazyfibrolady.blogspot.com/ is mine that I recently started. Mainly rambling but hopefully not all of the time!

  7. Anonymous11:40 PM

    This blog is a blog from my perspective as well as post from my husbnad and even a child or two on what its like to live with the invivible disease.

  8. my blog is Desire to Heal at http://www.desiretoheal.com. ...self empowered healing of body, mind and spirit. Thank you!

  9. My blog is simpleexpression11 .....discsussing dealing with the diease and sharing personal experiences as well and education and updates http://simpleexpression11.blogspot.com

  10. Meu Blog:
    Bjos Regina

  11. My blog is The New Normal at http://creatinganewnormal.wordpress.com

  12. Probably best to go to the latest post, the most recent one, and leave your details there.

  13. Hello! Mine is still a work in progress. Here's the link http://osteoarthritisfibro.blogspot.com/

  14. Thanks so much for your awesome Fibro-blog directory! ♥ My blog is still fairly new and shiny, but I've got lots of ideas for it for the future and I'm having a lot of fun writing it :) My URL is http://fibrofaery.wordpress.com/

  15. My blog is http://nearsanitysedge.blogspot.com/

  16. Anonymous12:05 PM

    My blog is CallahanWriter.com. I have started a thread about Fibromyalgia Fibro - Awareness. It is not the dominate theme of my blog but have only started blogging about fibro since September 2014. I usually put out two sometimes three fibro posts a week. I have about 21 fibro posts so far. Since I started blogging about fibro I compiled a large lists of fibro topics to write about. My unique perspective about fibro is I am a man who has had fibro for 31 years. I have seen a great deal in the world of fibro. I find writing about it to be therapeutic.

  17. Anonymous12:08 PM

    My blog is CallahanWriter.com. It has a thread for Fibromyalgia Fibro - Awareness. My blog is about five or six years old but I have been blogging on fibro since Sept 2014. I posted over twenty posts since thin.

  18. Anonymous12:08 PM

    How come my comments are being posted?

  19. I submitted my blog - http://www.blog.myfibro.co.uk/ a week or so ago and wondered if you'd had chance to consider it yet? Thanks.

  20. I just started my blog on Faith & Fibromyalgia this week. I went live with my website and first post yesterday. I would love some new readers and initial opinions as I've never written a blog before. Visit me at www.butterfliesbeautyandblossoms.com and let me know what you think. I've also submitted my site to the directory for consideration and posted the badge on my website. Thanks!

  21. WWW.sleepyamerican.com I am a real life invisible disability superhero advocate, Sleepy American, and I live w narcolepsy w cataplexy and fibro plus Rheumatoid Arthritis. my league of superheroes include Me, SleepyAmerican, Radical Legislator, SuperSleepyman, FibroFalcon, Freddy Flare, Multipletasklersa, Lupie(lazer) Louie, Limeric, and Cindy, the HufflePufferSlayer

  22. Hi, My blog is ' Positive living with Fibromyalgia'. I have submitted my blog for the directory. Happy to connect with you all.

  23. Hello! My blog: "Windy's Journey" is ready to be considered for submission to your directory. https://windysjourney.com/
    I have been blogging about Fibromyalgia for quite a while now and would love to be considered.
    Thank you!

    1. Thanks Windy, heading to your blog now to check it out for addition in our directory. Thank you for your patience.


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