Fibromyalgia Monsters

 These cute little grumpy monsters are how fibromyalgia makes you feel sometimes... confused, angry, defiant, mixed-up, overwhelmed, and annoyed. What else would you expect from a chronic condition that leaves you in constant pain and ongoing flare-ups with extra symptoms? 

I created these images to make others know that they are not alone and also hopefully see a little humor in our plight. 

Fibro humor

Fibro humor

Fibro joke

Funny Fibro Fibromyalgia Monsters

Fibro humor

Funny Fibro

Fibromyalgia humor

Fibromyalgia jokes

Funny fibro monster joke

Fibromyalgia Monsters

Funny Fibro

Fibro jokes

Funny Fibro Fibromyalgia Monsters

Funny Fibro

Fibromyalgia Monsters Fibro joke

If you would like some more fibro humor you can follow me on Pinterest and check out my Fibro Funny board. Thanks from Lee Good.

Fibro monster humor


Fibro Friday week 448

WELCOME to this weeks Fibro Friday. We are pleased you could join us.

Fibro Friday

WHAT is Fibro Friday? A link-up where people share their blog posts about Fibromyalgia.

WHEN is Fibro Friday? It starts every Friday and runs almost all week. 

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Fibro Friday week 447

 WELCOME to you. Thanks for visiting the Fibromyalgia link-up where articles about fibromyalgia, and related topics, are linked up each week. People living with fibro are writing these articles to share information about it so others understand more about it. 

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The Fibromyalgia link-up week 446

 WELCOME to this week's fibro link-up where you can find and share more about fibromyalgia - a chronic pain condition characterized by widespread pain, tender points of pain, fatigue and sleep problems.

We hope you find something of interest here and if not you can always check out last week's link-up which had 19 interesting articles. Please call back later in the week, as well, as the link-up runs all week and more links will be added. 

Tender point spots. There are 18 in all.
They used to be used as art of a fibromyalgia diagnosis.

Fibromyalgia link-up week 446