WELCOME to the fibromyalgia link up where we are helping to raise awareness around this chronic illness condition.


WELCOME to Fibro Friday week 479

 WELCOME to this week's Fibro Friday information link up

It is all about fibromyalgia a chronic pain condition.

We hope you find some interesting info about Fibromyalgia here.

If you click on the links below you will get the perspectives of both men and women living with it. 

Fibro Friday week 479

Help Raise Fibromyalgia Awareness with Fibro Friday week 478

 It is estimated that Fibromyalgia affects 5-7% of the global population.  Many people have never heard of fibromyalgia even though it is NOT a rare condition. You can help raise Fibro awareness by joining in here. 

We'd love you to drop your link below and visit some of the links from this week or last week and even share this link -up with others. It all helps to spread awareness. 

Help Raise Fibromyalgia Awareness

Help Raise Fibromyalgia Awareness with Fibro Friday week 478

Fibro Friday week 477

 Welcome to this week's link-up which is about fibromyalgia and all the fabulous fibro bloggers who are sharing articles about it.

Here are just some of the fabulous bloggers who have joined in this year.

 You can visit the bloggers sites and read their fibro articles by clicking on the links below.