Every blogger can help

As a blogger, your ability to creatively engage your audience and be part of their lives can make a huge difference to both your and their well-being. It can also increase everyone's capacity to learn about fibromyalgia.

As bloggers we all get creative blocks, the days when you want to blog but are not sure what to blog about. We all have our own unique voice and that is what others want to hear. Some suggestions to get your story out there are:

When I first realised that something was wrong
Who diagnosed me
How I was diagnosed
How long before I got a diagnosis
How I felt when I was diagnosed
Who I told about my diagnosis
Fibromyalgia and working
Fibromyalgia and coping with the everyday
How I am coping now
My top 5 helpful hints to cope with Fibro
Pain and Fibro
What caused my body to go haywire
Coping skills
Dealing with family functions and holidays
What is a bad day looks like
What a good day is like with fibro
Dealing with loss of health
3 things I would tell someone, who does not have fibro, so they can understand
More suggestions coming soon.


  1. I'd love to be added to your fibro blogger list and appreciate you reaching out to me to let me know. I've been blogging weekly for one and a half years. I'm also a writer/speaker on the subject of health and healing from chronic illnesses such as fibromyalgia. My book is entitled, FibroWHYalgia. My blog is entitled Rebuilding Wellness and here's my link. Thanks!

  2. Anonymous5:24 AM

    I am a mother of five blogging about managing life, home and work in the realm of Lupus, Fibromyalgia and Type 2 diabetes! I would love to be involved! :o)


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