Empathy is only a few clicks away

Fibromyalgia can be a lonely journey. No one else but another fibro sufferer can understand why you are ...................................................     (Fill in the blank - what ever you like we understand, really we do.)

So why not connect with some others who feel just like you? Visit some blogs, maybe leave a comment if your fingers and brain are working today, even just saying HI can make someone's day.
We have over 60 fibro bloggers here and all waiting to connect with you, all sharing their own perspective on what it means for them to be living with fibromyalgia.

Also if you are looking for suggestions to help you get through the day then you will get some ideas on our SUPPORT page. Maybe you could try one of the suggested alternative treatments or Flare Fighters.

If you have fibro and you blog about it we would love you to join Fibro Bloggers Directory. (There is a criteria for being accepted here). Please add a badge to your blog and then let us know by commenting here.


  1. Leona9:50 AM

    Hi, this is so true, only anothr with fibromyalgia or chronic pain can understand. Its a wonder we havent created our own shorthand typing as it can be so painful some days.

  2. Anonymous11:33 AM

    thanks for sharing..


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