Dr Oz is asking you to share your fibro story

Dr Oz has requested people who suffer From Fibromyalgia to share their story.
Please only respond if you are willing to share your story with Dr. Oz on the show.

Visit his site here and fill in the request form.


  1. Cynthia11:56 AM

    This is excellent news, lets hope he does a great show, but then again as they say any news is good news so I guess any exposure is welcome to raise fibro awareness

  2. I think it may be worth while pointing out that this is probably an Americans only deal. I can't think they'd fly anyone out to be on the show from just anywhere (as I'm sure they will want to feature at least some of the people who submit info) I'd imagine it was USA only residents they'd feature. There's an option to put in your Country, but the state drop down list is only for the USA.

    Frustrates me because it seems so many Americans seem to forget there are other people in the world besides themselves. Just saying.

    Furthermore, be damn sure you don't care what happens to the information you provide. You GIVE UP ALL YOUR RIGHTS to your story or your personal details as soon as you submit it. In fact, you give all kinds of permission to let them share said information with a whole lot of people ("staff" is so unspecific lol). I wouldn't share my info so readily.

  3. Lee @ Fibro Bloggers Directory1:35 PM

    Shannon these are all great points and thank you so much for adding them here. Definately it is just for USA residents and definately you have to sign a lot of stuff when you give your story. LOL! re Americans and world view - it's not so much their fault though, at school they don't seem to learn about other countries! (I'm an Aussie)


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