Fibro Friday week 50!

Please help us celebrate 50 WEEKS of FIBRO FRIDAY by adding your fibro post today. THANK YOU to everyone who contributes and makes this a success by sharing it and visiting others.


  1. As surprising as it may sound, the very Earth beneath your feet may offer a new and natural source of relief for fibromyalgia. Emerging research is showing that contact with the planet's natural, gentle electric charge can actually reduce inflammation and pain, and improve energy and sleep. Contact is as simple as going outdoors barefoot, or, if that is not practical, being in contact with simple conductive pillowcases, mats, patches, and sheets indoors while you rest, relax, work, or sleep. I've posted an article about the relief experienced by several individuals with fibromyalgia through Earthing (also known as grounding). You can find the article at the Earthing Institute website:
    Martin Zucker, co-author of the Earthing book

  2. Thanks Martin, this is fascinating. I love walking barefoot on wet grass in the early morning! Thanks for adding you link here and hopefully it will help many people.


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