The Weekly Blogging Challenge - blogging just got easier

We are here to solve one of the biggest blogging challenges: what do I write about? 
Sometimes, life just gets in the way... and well, sometimes Chronic Pain gets in the way.

Sometimes we just feel that we have nothing to say or just don't know what to write about anymore.

Enter The Weekly Blogging Challenge.
A weekly topic, just for you, that you can personalize in your own way to suit your blog.

To participate in The Challenge, simply publish a post on your own blog that responds to the prompt that we provide. You can use your own title, your own tone, and of course you will have your own unique voice and style. It is not an assignment or something you have to do but just a gentle suggestion or starting point when you are not feeling inspired.

You can of course use the Blogging Prompt to write a weekly post for your blog. You may prefer to create a video or podcast. Or just use it when the topic inspires you.

There is a bonus on some weeks - your post can be linked to a Fibro Blogger Directory article... like this one here.

Of course we would love you to share your post at Fibro Friday each and every week as well.


  • check out the weekly blog prompt
  • create some content using it as a jumping off point
  • link it up to Fibro Friday
  • link it to the bonus article (if there is one that week) 

We will post a Blogging Prompt for The Weekly Blogging Challenge here every Tuesday.

In the meantime you can checkout past Blogging Prompts.

Please sign up below for The Weekly Blogging Challenge. You will receive reminders, and links to where you can share your posts. 

Happy Blogging from Lee Good.

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  1. What a great idea Lee! I know I have trouble coming up with topics sometimes, so I love the idea of having something to give me a little "push." Thanks for doing this!

  2. You are most welcome.

  3. I love this! Every Tuesday, I am in. Thanks so much Lee!


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