Barbara McLullich at Back Pain Blog UK

fibro blogger Barbara McLullich at Back Pain Blog UK

Barbara has been blogging about her chronic pain story since 2008 at Back Pain Blog UK

Barbara shares her journey as a long time back pain sufferer who has fibromyalgia. After four major surgeries she found that writing helped her through the worst days. On her blog she reviews therapies, products and drugs that may help other chronic pain sufferers.  She is also an author of a book on alternative therapies for pain and a freelance writer. 
As a young adult with a spinal problem that left me in chronic pain, I decided I would like to help others who have had similar problems and my Back Pain Blog was born. I hope that some of my posts will help and support others in chronic pain.
Barbara writes about a wide range of ways to help chronic pain from flower therapies, to shoes to medications.

Some of her posts include:
You can connect with Barbara McLullich at her blog, and on her facebook page. She would love you to visit and leave a comment.

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