Raising fibromyalgia awareness with Fibro Friday this May

WELCOME to this week's Fibro Friday on this special month for promoting fibromyalgia awareness. Yes, May is the official Fibromyalgia Awareness Month around the world!

Here at Fibro Friday you can easily help raise awareness of this chronic pain condition by simply sharing a link to a post about fibromyalgia. This post will be shared all around the internet and let more people understand fibro. 

We will be sharing your posts on:

  • Facebook - where we have a new page called Fibromyalgia Awareness
  • Twitter where we share posts 5 times or more a day and our account is called @FibroBloggers
  • Tumblr
Also we hope you will be joining in with us this month and using #ThisIsFibro on your fibro related social media posts.

Fibro Friday this May

Raising fibromyalgia awareness

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