The current Weekly Blogging Challenge has commenced on Tuesday 20th March but you can jump in at anytime while it is running. We provide a weekly prompt, an email reminder and some places to share your post.

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The Weekly Blogging Challenge is a suggestion for you to write a blog about if you are looking for ideas. It is to get you started on a post. It may spark ideas to get you past a block. It is a weekly topic just for you that you can personalize, in your own way, to suit your blog.

To participate in the challenge you simply publish a post, on your blog, that responds to the prompt we provide each week. You can use your own title, tone and of course your own unique voice. It is not an assignment, set in stone, but a starting point for when you are looking for inspiration.


  1. Responding to the Exercise blogging prompt with Fibromyalgia Anxiety Warrior on I tripped over a Stone.

    1. Thanks Kim, glad you joined in


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